Are you leaving value on the table by not having your revenue cycle processes optimized?

If yes, this reduces the value of every referral as well as the value of your business!


Join Robert Kowalick of Certified Reimbursement Solutions and Sturdy McKee of to learn how to objectively know how well you are executing in this realm.

Revenue Cycle Process Webinar


Tuesday, October 29, 2019

2 pm Pacific Time

Sturdy McKee

As a business coach and instructor, Sturdy brings the practical knowledge of owning, operating and growing businesses, combined with extensive training and learning, to clients who want to improve their business operations and achieve their personal and business goals.


Robert Kowalick

CRS's purpose is to enhance the financial stability and scalability of our client’s practices through the optimization of all revenue cycle processes while gathering and studying the critical revenue cycle data needed to intelligently optimize the efficiency of all processes.  Our objectives are to maximize client revenue per visit, minimize the time needed to convert services to cash and maximize the ROI in billing process.

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